tips on writing a descriptive essay

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The main peculiarity of essay it is design by authors. Also, the features of the essay are relatively small volume, the presence of the main theme and emphasized subjective interpretation of it, free composition, internal semantic unity and ease of story.

The aim of the explanatory essay isn’t only a convincing  the reader of anything, but also creating a bright image in a reader’s mind. Therefore, the theme of explanatory essay should be apparently for mutated, clear and compose your idea. A explanatory essay as a rule focuses on a certain event, person or place. First you need to formulate the idea. After this, you can proceed to write the sketch.

The basic three pieces of any essay should be:

-thesis (the idea, judgment, position that you formulated and which you will prove);

-arguments (each of them should serve as a visual, accomplished, and there for persuasive proof of your thoughts);

-conclusion (it substantially repeats the thesis, but brings it to a new level with broad generalizing, forecasts, guidance).

A significant section of the essay is a brief introduction, the task of which is to engage the reader in a dialogue, to create an intrigue. Argumentation in the descriptive essay should occupy the 2/3 of the total volume. The best arguments are widely known historical facts. Argument can contain a personal experiment, but such evidence is not always convincing and the better solution is representing the facts, which are well known and authoritative. At the very end of the essay should be a derivation that deepens the thesis. The goal of derivationis to sum up your fact.  After you have ended your work, it’s weightily to review your labor. It will assistance you to make a fresh look at the essay and then correct mistakes, improve it and work at details.


Remove from the essay repetitive or superfluous words that do not have any semantic loading. Refer to the synonym dictionary if necessary and always check the correctness of unfamiliar or incomprehensible words. You shouldn’t use an informal style and shorten words when writing an essay. The text should sound seriously.

Writing an essay

A distinctive feature of writing an essay is the student’s own reasoning on a given topic, which is relevant at the moment with references to used literature and opinions of various scientists.

Thus, the aim of writing an essay is not only to highlight the exciting problem, using of various sources of information, but also to determine your own position on this issue. Moreover, it is not necessary to agree with the author of an article or a work. This can be a fundamentally excellent position, but it is necessary to be able to prove your vision of the subject and to argue its point of view reasonably. Of course, you need to observe the limits of decency and do not use street speech in the essay.

From the theoretical basis, you can turn to practical recommendations. The task of writing an essay is a creative stage in teaching, especially since the amount of work is usually small, on average it is about two sheets of printed text. It should be borne in mind, however, that a too long presentation of a material without its own reasoning can be perceived as a report, not an essay. Therefore, most often, to write an essay selected a narrow range of tasks, which can be briefly stated. Nevertheless, after reading the essay, no one is obliged to consider that the personal conclusion is inviolable, it can also be disputed and disagreed. After all, in the end, the essay causes the audience to engage in a dialogue so that each participant can express their opinion on the question of interest, thus, using the “brain storm”, one can come to a true judgment. According to the essay you can make an assessment of the author’s personality, his thinking, his worldview, as well as thoughts and feelings.

An obligatory condition for writing an essay is individuality and independence. Use other people’s work is not allowed. The used references to the opinions of the authors should be formatted as citations, since the author’s position and his opinion on the actual problem should be the main one. Non-standard attitude to the topic can serve as an appeal to the audience to participate and consecrate their opinion on this matter. When writing an essay, the student’s ability to write in his own unique style, not parodying someone’s style, but expressing personal opinion in a free style is noted. The title of the essay can also be presented in a different focus from the main topic. The main thread of the author’s reasoning can be traced only after reading his work.

Experience in writing essays is significant. Employing, the employer proposes to state his point of view regarding the future profession in the form of an essay in order to determine how well the candidate is able to own a syllable and a written speech.

Book review writing service

Practicing of book review writing is necessary and useful, because thinking about the book helps to organize your own thoughts and make a brief summary, thanks to which the book will remain in your memory for a long time. Sometimes there are difficulties in writing a review. But you should remember that any response from readers is very valuable for author of the book, even if it is very critical. So, do not afraid to write book reviews. The main thing is to follow a few simple principles.

At first, discuss the plot, the peculiarities of the characters and style of the book. If the book amazed you, you can always find words to say about it. Tell in your review how you felt when you read this book, how you feel about the main character, who you like or do not like in the book.

Speak in essence, and give the categorically evaluation only when you are professional in that area. You can always express your attitude to the book. But you should remember that this is your opinion, which may not coincide with the opinion of the author, nor with the opinion of other readers. And this is normal. It is very important to justify your point of view. It will be better if you explain why that or another book bored or exited you. Mark a few points that catch you especially: it can be a hero, or his actions, or the situation itself. And again you should explain why it catches your interest. Also indicate in your review what was most valuable to you in the story, which you read.

While writing a review it is important to remain a human – educated and civilized. Tell about the shortcomings of the book softly. The author seeks understanding from readers and opportunities for development. This does not mean that the authors should be pitied and the feedback should be exceptionally flattering. This means that if you do not like the book – it’s not the author’s fault.

And remember: for the author there is nothing worse than silence and reviews are really significant.  

Article review writing service

Reviewing the article, it should be remembered that criticism should be constructive, it is better to leave emotions aside. In order to avoid offending the author, you need to reinforce your review with weighty arguments based on a non-biased analysis of the text.

First, determine the main criteria for reviewing the article. For example: the disclosure of the topic; availability of new exclusive facts; presence of various expert opinions; stylistic submission and so on.

Try to understand how fully the author revealed the topic. If you are not an expert in this topic, study what was written before. An interesting article should contain a new look at known problems, rather than replicate banalities.

If you found the errors, mention them in the recall, especially if it is a scientific article, where the price of even small mistakes is very high. Don’t be afraid to be meticulous, spend the time to check the numbers, tables, citations of experts.

If you do not understand something in the article, it’s not a shame to ask experts for clarification or to ask the author to specify exactly what he meant. Don’t lose sight of the ambiguity, sort them out, then your feedback will be the most complete.

Evaluating the style of presentation, pay attention to how easy it is to perceive it. Point out spelling mistakes, stylistic flaws, but don’t be too picky, especially if the subject matter of the article is far from the questions of philology.

Be concise. If you understand that the review is too extensive, reduce it. To perceive a large amount of information is difficult, you can skip something important.

When giving a general review of the article, try first to highlight its obvious merits, then go on to the shortcomings, and at the end necessarily again mention the strengths of the material.

Be polite and let the author understand that you don’t intend to offend him. Give some valuable advice, tell him how the topic could be more fully revealed. In this case, the author will necessarily listen to criticism, and your work will not be in vain.

Collecting materials for diploma

At most faculties, a diploma student is required to get acquainted with the research of foreign authors. An advanced specialist should be aware of the achievements of world science.

In most cases, you can see the already translated texts published in English. On the other hand, there are cases when writing a diploma you have to do translations from foreign languages

You need to work with foreign sources because of the specifics of the degree study. It is clear that if the topic of your diploma sounds like “The specifics of creating new scientific terms in the German language” you can’t run out without reading/translation of the text.

The use of scientific monographic and periodicals in foreign languages is a compulsory requirement of the department, although in general the diploma work is written on the basis of your native language literature and already published translations. But the department believes that alma mater specialists should have a foreign language at a level sufficient to study the latest foreign materials. The idea is not stupid, but, you know, most professionals have other materials is not interesting

You really do not have enough materials, you can not find the necessary data in English. The latest research on your subject has not yet been translated. What to do – you need to translate yourself! But there is a plus in this situation. Most likely, your supervisor has not yet had time to get acquainted with these materials. And the search engines, if they were indexed, then only on an Egyptian, and your translations are unique. It is possible to tear up the foreign researchers with pieces, articles, chapters. But say hello to plagiarism.

A small remark: this feint cannot go through with ears if the teacher himself tracks the latest foreign editions on your topic. They should be certain at his/her scientific interests.

A few tips on using translated literature in the thesis

Do not show off. If you have in the theoretical part of the diploma will be linked to sources in five languages, at best you simply will not believe. And at worst you run the risk of a sharp dislike of some member of the state commission

Be ready to share the translations with the supervisor, and maybe with other faculty members. However, some students especially place in the diploma incorrect references to foreign sources, so that the life of the teacher does not seem to be a honey, and the translations themselves simply leave for themselves