Article review writing service

Reviewing the article, it should be remembered that criticism should be constructive, it is better to leave emotions aside. In order to avoid offending the author, you need to reinforce your review with weighty arguments based on a non-biased analysis of the text.

First, determine the main criteria for reviewing the article. For example: the disclosure of the topic; availability of new exclusive facts; presence of various expert opinions; stylistic submission and so on.

Try to understand how fully the author revealed the topic. If you are not an expert in this topic, study what was written before. An interesting article should contain a new look at known problems, rather than replicate banalities.

If you found the errors, mention them in the recall, especially if it is a scientific article, where the price of even small mistakes is very high. Don’t be afraid to be meticulous, spend the time to check the numbers, tables, citations of experts.

If you do not understand something in the article, it’s not a shame to ask experts for clarification or to ask the author to specify exactly what he meant. Don’t lose sight of the ambiguity, sort them out, then your feedback will be the most complete.

Evaluating the style of presentation, pay attention to how easy it is to perceive it. Point out spelling mistakes, stylistic flaws, but don’t be too picky, especially if the subject matter of the article is far from the questions of philology.

Be concise. If you understand that the review is too extensive, reduce it. To perceive a large amount of information is difficult, you can skip something important.

When giving a general review of the article, try first to highlight its obvious merits, then go on to the shortcomings, and at the end necessarily again mention the strengths of the material.

Be polite and let the author understand that you don’t intend to offend him. Give some valuable advice, tell him how the topic could be more fully revealed. In this case, the author will necessarily listen to criticism, and your work will not be in vain.