Writing an essay

A distinctive feature of writing an essay is the student’s own reasoning on a given topic, which is relevant at the moment with references to used literature and opinions of various scientists.

Thus, the aim of writing an essay is not only to highlight the exciting problem, using of various sources of information, but also to determine your own position on this issue. Moreover, it is not necessary to agree with the author of an article or a work. This can be a fundamentally excellent position, but it is necessary to be able to prove your vision of the subject and to argue its point of view reasonably. Of course, you need to observe the limits of decency and do not use street speech in the essay.

From the theoretical basis, you can turn to practical recommendations. The task of writing an essay is a creative stage in teaching, especially since the amount of work is usually small, on average it is about two sheets of printed text. It should be borne in mind, however, that a too long presentation of a material without its own reasoning can be perceived as a report, not an essay. Therefore, most often, to write an essay selected a narrow range of tasks, which can be briefly stated. Nevertheless, after reading the essay, no one is obliged to consider that the personal conclusion is inviolable, it can also be disputed and disagreed. After all, in the end, the essay causes the audience to engage in a dialogue so that each participant can express their opinion on the question of interest, thus, using the “brain storm”, one can come to a true judgment. According to the essay you can make an assessment of the author’s personality, his thinking, his worldview, as well as thoughts and feelings.

An obligatory condition for writing an essay is individuality and independence. Use other people’s work is not allowed. The used references to the opinions of the authors should be formatted as citations, since the author’s position and his opinion on the actual problem should be the main one. Non-standard attitude to the topic can serve as an appeal to the audience to participate and consecrate their opinion on this matter. When writing an essay, the student’s ability to write in his own unique style, not parodying someone’s style, but expressing personal opinion in a free style is noted. The title of the essay can also be presented in a different focus from the main topic. The main thread of the author’s reasoning can be traced only after reading his work.

Experience in writing essays is significant. Employing, the employer proposes to state his point of view regarding the future profession in the form of an essay in order to determine how well the candidate is able to own a syllable and a written speech.